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Elite 8' x 30' Gooseneck Stock Trailer

All aluminum.  Black nose.  Spring loaded side ramp full height.  Plexiglass and track.  Dome lights.  Halogen loading light, one at rear and one at side ramp.  Tie rail for cattle inside.  Tie rail for cattle outside.   We will be glad to special order a trailer for you.

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Elite 8' x 32' Gooseneck Stock Trailer

All aluminum.  Black nose.  WERM floor.  Slam latch.  Two gates with 3/4 swing gate inside one.  Comparments 8'-12'-12'.  Spring loaded leg jack.  (3) 8,000# rubber torsion axles with 14 ply tires.  Height 6'6".  Raised 3" stem.  Spare wheel and tire.  Four trailer ties outside bolted on.  Three dome lights.  Vent in drop wall for livestock with hinged cover.  Track only for plexiglass.  Extra running lights.  30,000# coupler.  This trailer can be special ordered to meet your needs.

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Elite Special Order Trailers

Elite Trailer Manufacturing will build a trailer to your specs. 

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Elite Trailer

(Inventory #0000)

In December 2013, reps with the University of Nebraska Ag Research & Development Center, Lincoln, Nebraska, inspected all brands of aluminum stock trailers at the Nebraska Power Farming Show.  They decided to purchase an Elite stock trailer with the WERM flooring.  On July 3, 2014, they reported that they were very impressed with the Elite trailer and its strong structure.  They are very satisfied with the WERM flooring, stating that it makes the trailer so quiet; cattle load and handle so much better.  They report how easy the WERM floor is to clean.  Call today for your Elite Trailer and WERM floor.

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Foremost 375 Chute w/ Foremost 30 Headgate
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(Inventory #13030)

Portable unit.  All manual.  Good condition.


Price: $5300.00

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Spindle nuts. 

Wheel bolts. 



Floor screws. 





Tie loops.

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Jacks and Couplers
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Trailer jacks and Trailer Aids. 

2" and 2-5/16" bumper couplers and gooseneck couplers. 

King pins.



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Running Gear
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Hub kits. 

Bearing kits. 


Grease caps and oil cap kits. 

Leaf springs. 


Shackle straps. 

U-bolt and hangers.

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